Sunday, September 6, 2009

Microsoft Tag ad 2 (not official)

Another microsoft tag ad that i make.. Zebra represent the old fashioned barcode with black & white color & stripes, the alligator represent the microsoft tag color leap in mobile barcode technology. as you can see in the alligators teeth it's the microsoft tag symbol. the ad communicates that the new color leap technology will soon replace the old fashioned black & white barcode technology which is represent by the visual off an alligator wants to eat a zebra. alli, eat that zebra !!

this is NOT microsoft tag official ad.

Microsoft tag ad (not official)

This is an ad that i create for FUN.. this is NOT Microsoft Tag official Ad. and this is not for commercial use, because the image is owned by their respective owners, i only change the zebra colors..

Image from national geographic
photograph by Giedo van der Zwan